Lepa Punca "Fusion of culture, architecture and jewelry"

The Brand

Lepa Punca (pronounced as “Lepa Punça”) is a contemporary jewelry brand founded by the Canarian architect Melisa Rodríguez, who emerged with the desire to transfer all her knowledge, influences and creativity to the world of fashion and layout.

Architecture, textures, colors, contrasts, asymmetries... are some of the characteristics that define this young brand of contemporary handmade jewelry.

Conceived for the cosmopolitan world, Lepa Punca aspires to be a brand of the world, without cultural taboos, and through which freedom, movement and respect for forms, temperature of materials, identity are reflected and nature.

With a unique character, all the pieces are handcrafted in silver and gold, using natural stones. Always designed and conceived based on the daily experiences of the designer, and her relationship with nature and culture.

Each collection evokes sensations and has as its printed characteristic, the asymmetry of the pieces, which gives the limited editions authenticity, personality and exclusivity.

Preciousness; meaning of Lepa Punca (Slovene), it is the prelude to collections that seek to make each person who wears them feel as such, as a whole Lepa punca.

Melisa Rodríguez, Founder and Designer

Melisa was born in London, although she is a native of the Canary Island of La Palma, where she spent her entire childhood. At the age of 18, she moved to Barcelona to begin her architecture studies at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, where she acquired the knowledge of design, composition and aesthetics that she now applies to all of her creations.

During her studies, she has the opportunity to make countless trips around the world, which have largely served as a source of inspiration for Lepa Punca.

The last course of her studies is carried out in Slovenia, specifically at the University of Ljubljani, where she continues to learn new cultures and new languages. Not in vain the name of Lepa Punca arises from this period, in which she and her friends used this term to call each other affectionately.

In 2012, after finishing her studies, her work as an architect took her to India, specifically to Studio Mumbai to work with the prestigious architect Bijoy Jain. It is there that she learned to value the purity and value of the raw material and how it can be transformed, whether in architecture or contemporary jewelry.

After her time in India, Melisa decides to return to the Canary Islands, where, among other projects, she launches her adventure with Lepa Punca.